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Mentoring and Employee Engagement

Connie Deianni founded Corepoint as an extension of her passion for designing and delivering employee engagement programs to large, small, and non-profit entities. Corepoint represents 30+ years of employee engagement in the financial services and non-profit industries. Her experience began as an entry-level front-line employee in the retail banking world and evolved into a consultant/designer for employee engagement programs focused on mentoring and career development. Through trial and error coupled with the ability to “really listen,” Connie has honed best practices which support mentor programs; programs that enjoy longevity past the initial launch period and continue to flourish where the mentor concept ultimately becomes the culture of the organization.

As an experienced presenter, Connie also provides engaging, dynamic, and interactive presentations focused on mentoring, career building, networking, professionalism, and employee engagement. These insightful presentations leave her audiences with best practices, tools to implement immediately, and the creativity energy to make changes in their own organizations.

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May 16, 2017

Why Are You Cost Justifying a Mentoring Program?

Categories: Mentoring

cost justifying a mentoring program

Leadership Engagement Managers: • Have you been looking for a way to cost justify a mentor program? • Did your senior leadership assigned you the task of developing a program, but didn’t include a budget? • Are you looking for more diversity in your workforce, but continue with the same recruitment strategies? • And last […]

January 25, 2017

6 Tips on Successfully Seeking a Mentor

Categories: Mentoring

Finding a Mentor

Looking for a mentor? 2017 is your year to seek out a mentoring relationship that will make the year meaningful for you and improve your skill sets at the same time. But, how do you identify and secure a mentor who will contribute in an effective way to your growth and development? Follow these 6 Tips […]

September 13, 2016

6 Proven Tips From Successful Mentors

Categories: Employee Engagement, Human Element, Leadership, Team Development

6 Proven Tips From Successful Mentors

I have occasionally heard mentors lament, “I just don’t know if I am making an impact for my mentee!” I always assure them, that indeed, they do make an impact and to give themselves some credit. Looking for a few tips to gauge whether you are on track as a mentor? Here are 6 specific ideas […]

June 7, 2016

A Fresh Perspective on Mentoring

Categories: Communication, Leadership, Organizational Skills

A Fresh Perspective on Mentoring

Mentoring? Isn’t this just the process of taking a junior employee to lunch, impressing them with my knowledge and skill and then inviting them to call me if they have a question? Perhaps that was the process 10 years ago, but today’s employee plans on being engaged and in charge of their own career path. […]

April 25, 2016

Storytelling: 4 Tips on Connecting with Potential Clients

Categories: Branding & Value Proposition, Marketing

Storytelling: 4 Tips on Connecting with Potential Clients

Is storytelling a forgotten art or has it morphed into a more unique offering that now includes digital, cell phones and social networking instead of just a chat around the fireplace? I attended a presentation the other day by Jeff Olsen from Thomas Arts. Jeff spoke about storytelling and creating an emotional connection with your […]

March 8, 2016

Women in Leadership, Through the Eyes of a Child

Categories: Blog, Human Element, Leadership

Women in Leadership, Through the Eyes of a Child

If a four year old can do it… Almost every executive, CEO, business owner, and manager that I have spoken with over the past 10 years asks the same question, “How do we get more women in leadership roles in our company?” The problem is large, vast, and permeates almost every industry and there isn’t […]

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