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Fundamental 4 – Human Element

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FUNDAMENTAL 4 – Human Element


The purpose of this component is the development of individual and team efficiency and effectiveness for the benefit of the business.  The evolution of this fundamental revolves around organizational skills, management of teams, refined roles and responsibilities, and accountability for performance.  This opens the lines of communication throughout a team to create a positive culture.  “Everyone on the same page” is very simple to understand but in reality, there are many directions and agendas driven by egos, greed, and lack of leadership.




Leadership Leaders don’t merely take charge.  They make the tough decisions while motivating and empowering others to succeed.
Culture Foster a healthy pattern of interactions among team members by encouraging openness, honesty, respect, and assertiveness in day-to-day dealings and when handling problems.
Organizational Skills Effective management of the details lies in the art of being able to see how everything works together to complete a project.  Hone these skills to create a razor sharp team.
Job Descriptions Summarize the roles and responsibilities of all the team members needed to reach the desired goal or outcome of the practice.
Hiring and Onboarding Outline the process through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and, behaviors to become effective organizational members and insiders.  The Profiles International assessments help you find the best matched candidates to specific roles.
Communication Knowledge is power, but fruitless if poorly communicated.  The Myers-Briggs Personality assessment helps you understand and convey meaningful information and express ideas effectively to attain a deeper level of communication.
Performance Evaluation When did you last conduct a performance review?  Define a method to evaluate, develop, and maintain performance in terms of quality, quantity, cost, and time.
Team Development Enhance the effectiveness of work groups by refining roles, expectations, and interpersonal communication to create accountability for results.


*Any of the above KPI’s can be combined to form the basis of a workshop, performance coaching, or project consulting partnership.



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