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As a learning and development consultancy, Ironstone is actively recruited to participate at various events such as national, divisional, and regional conferences; breakout and lunch-n-learn sessions; webinars; and client appreciation events.  The foundation of our programs comes from Ironstone’s Fundamental 4™, which is essential to the design, development, and drive of a successful business.  The collection of our action-oriented programs translates across many industries with a wide range of business building and practice management strategies.  Our portfolio of learning programs are interactive, high-energy, and built with “how-to” strategies resulting in real-world implementation for sustainable impact to enhance both business and personal life.  The entire experience is tailored to the framework of your key performance indicators and organizational culture.


Ironstone prides itself on the unique customizations applied to each engagement in order to meet the overall objectives of our sponsors, firms, and audiences of all sizes.


The logistics of our keynotes, workshops, and webinars are outlined below:


  •   KEYNOTES are approximately 1-2 hour presentations that complement the theme of your event.  They provide fresh ideas and new insights in order to enhance the impact of your message for real-world application.  Ironstone has delivered presentations in the following formats:
  •   National sales conferences
  •   Wholesaler training
  •   Regional sales conferences
  •   Top advisor meetings
  •   Due diligence seminars
  •   Advisor & staff training
  •   Complex or cluster meetings
  •   Study groups


  •   WORKSHOPS range from half to multi-day action-oriented learning programs to sharpen your professional and business development skills.  All of our presentations are hands-on and interactive to provide a multidimensional learning experience with how-to strategies.  Ironstone provides resource materials, which can include: educational content, checklists, worksheets, and templates.  Some of the most requested topics are:
  •   Type In Action – understanding and leveraging your Myers-Briggs personality type
  •   Mastering Your Client Opportunity – segmentation is the critical step towards optimal profitability
  •   Building A Team That’s Building Your Business – team cohesiveness drives excellence
  •   Hiring From Head to Toe – finding and keeping the right people for your team
  •   Chart Your Course – manage yourself to better manage your systems and your team
  •   Passing the Torch –a succession plan is beyond a buy/sell catastrophic agreement
  •   Planning For Purpose – focused preparation and regular communication translates into results
  •   Human Capital Strategies – compensation that pays for what you get and ensures that you get what you pay for


  •   WEBINARS are typically an hour in length, and are designed to offer a high-level overview of a particular sub-element within the Fundamental 4™.  We guarantee that you will walk away with tools and actionable items for immediate implementation.


*Tiered pricing for this service allows you to maximize your return on investment in your knowledge building


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