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“Andrea is both engaging and engaged. When she was first recommended to me as someone I should interview for our audio advisor series, “AudioFile,” Andrea was described as someone who really “gets it,” who is “sharp,” and “with it.” All true, and more. She’s pleasant and easy to work with. Dare I say she is “fun” to work with? I also found her to be refreshingly articulate when breaking down complex strategies, sincere in her opinions and reasons why she suggests things, and extremely knowledgeable in her responses to questions being asked by me on the spot about the financial services industry and business in general. Yes, she “gets it.” She knows the intricacies. Behind Andrea’s warm smile and charismatic demeanor is a laser-focused proficient communicator. She should occupy a space on your agenda for an Ironstone tune-up. She is masterful at conveying ideas and precepts to businesses of all sizes and structures. You’ll find, as I did, Andrea is as engaged and engaging in a large workshop or conference setting as she is in a seminar, board room, staff conference room or recording studio.”

Larry Pugliese , Broadcast Journalist

Raymond James Financial

Working with Andrea has been a pleasure. Andrea has been working with our staff of 14 employees for the last 14 months. She helped structure a better organization chart and worked with us putting together a management team. She worked with the employs on better workflow and processes. We now have a direction and goals to work towards as a full team.

Bob Bordett

Consolidated Planning Corporation

Working with Andrea Schlapia has been a breath of fresh air! How many of you glaze over when you think of hiring new team members, addressing poor performance of an employee, creating an incentive plan, or developing a service matrix? I was the same but with coaching from Andrea, each new project ventured improves our firm and our team culture. I love expressing an idea to her (with no plan of how to carry it out) and then viola, accomplished! As a result of her coaching, my team is no longer overwhelmed, we have a new team member in place that I’m happy with, and everyone is clear on their responsibilities. I’m not as eager to retire, I feel fulfilled, and it’s clear our clients are happy with the quality of our service. Our firm now has high morale, much improved internal communications, and a non-stressful work environment. I now sometimes feel weekends are too long because I’m excited to go back to work, and I think a great deal of that is owed to Andrea and her team at Ironstone!

Lynn Phillips-Gaines, CFP®, CLTC

Phillips Financial

For way too many long years, our firm struggled to find the right fit staff to join our team. We experimented with several testing, screening, interviewing tools and techniques. Our other staff members were not engaged in the selection process and we had not clearly identified the key criteria and job descriptions for the positions we needed to fill. We also “settled” with existing staff who we thought were irreplaceable and had been with us a while but were not the ideal team we needed to grow. Andrea’s group helped us develop an intentional process to not only locate an ample supply of quality candidates but to eventually rely on my staff to do the initial screening of applicants, resumes and phone interviews. It was a scary time as our entire team turned over in a one year period but somehow we overcame the challenge. The investment of time and energy required for each new team member on the front end was taxing for sure, but the end result has been immeasurable in terms of productivity, espirit de corp, positive focus and a new energy level. We’re ever grateful to Andrea’s group for helping hone our hiring process to a well oiled machine that can be replicated time and again as we grow!

Thomas B. Fleishel, MBA, CFP®

Fleishel Financial Associates

At Abel Advisors, our relationship with Ironstone has proven invaluable in establishing ourselves as a premier wealth management firm. We immediately benefited from Andrea’s application-based Fundamental Four structure, as well as her experience, insight and coaching. Andrea serves as a mediator between our office staff and owner Leo Abel. In doing so, she presents creative solutions in a way that Leo appreciates – and even better, that our team can implement. If you are tired of incremental progress and are looking for exponential leaps, then Ironstone may be a fit. Andrea has a unique ability to recognize the role for which each employee is best suited, and she helps unleash each employee’s potential. She is in a league of her own, and the best part is that your clients enjoy the improvements while your firm enjoys the rewards.

Drew Hall, M.B.A.

Financial Advisor

“I actually enjoyed writing the check to pay for Andrea’s work – she’s that good. We hired Andrea after staff turnover and the realization that we needed expert, outside help. From the outset, Andrea was an excellent listener, asking the right questions to assess and uncover the real issues that needed addressing. She then used our conversations to provide specific recommendations and actions steps that were unflinchingly direct. As we finish up this project with Ironstone, we now have an excellent new staff person in place, confidence in our compensation structures, well understood office interactions and a highly grounded team culture. My staff and I have the utmost respect for Andrea & recommend her without reservation.”

Zachary Hayes, President

Hayes Financial, LLC

“I have referred Andrea to 4 Advisory Teams at RJFS and she is 4 for 4 on a great outcome. I highly recommend her for those of you that have challenges hiring, managing and evaluating staff, as well as workflows and proper job fit. She will help you and your team function at a higher level – that has been my experience in referring her thus far.”

Dave Patchen, Regional Director

Raymond James

Because Andrea was so fabulous, I have booked her again and again. She gives an engaging sales training presentation about how our different personalities affect our communication. I always receive great feedback about the sessions she leads.

Gary Katz, CFM

Merrill Lynch

“I have always viewed the hiring and managing of staff as a weak area within my practice. After hiring Andrea and Ironstone, we now have an exact process for hiring and managing our staff. She sets clear expectations and delivers on her promises. I highly recommend Andrea and Ironstone.”

Rex Whiteside, Registered Principal


Andrea brings energy to any room. She’s great with ideas and very creative yet focused – which is powerful to see. Our sessions always ended with a list of actionable items. I definitely had a partner I could trust and count on.

Steve Moushon, District Manager

Bank of Texas

Andrea brings inspirational energy to her coaching. She has helped our practice build structure and systems that allows us to focus on client acquisition and provide great service to our existing clients. She provided the foundation to our team that really helped us springboard to our current success. Her process is both personable and inventive and is a blast to work with.

Kevin Whitten, CFP®,ChFC®, Business Development Manager

Raymond James

Andrea, thank you so much for everything during yesterday’s on-site visit. We just got done meeting to recap the session. On a personal level, it was very eye opening and enlightening at the same time. It not only helped to re-energize me but definitely helped to narrow my focus on what I want to accomplish as well as help the team to accomplish. I already know what I need to get done in the next 30-60 days and am set to accomplish it whereas before I just felt like things linger on and on. I know everyone you deal with thanks you and says how much you have helped them, but please know that not just from a business perspective you have helped me but on a personal level as well. I look forward to continuing to work together.

Steffanie Lerch

Eagle Wealth Strategies

I have worked with Andrea for several years now and it’s always a pleasure. Andrea is committed to achieving excellence and results.

Wendy Van Vleet, Account Manager

CPP, Inc

“Andrea is an excellent trainer. She is very positive and outgoing, and she definitely keeps everybody’s attention. The feedback from Andrea’s presentation about communication between people is extremely positive. She walks attendees through all the personality types and offers practical ways to deal with clients as well as co-workers. Anyone who hires Andrea will enjoy her."

Sheila Hines, Client Services Manager

Consolidated Planning Corporation

“I’ve worked with Andrea for the last couple of years. She is a high-energy speaker with a broad range of team consulting experience. She is also a proliferous content creator.”

David Lee, Director of Practice Management

Raymond James Financial Services

"Andrea has been a great resource and has helped me understand myself in a way that has improved my business and personal relationships. She has also been instrumental in helping me implement and stay focused on what is important to me."

Debbie Czodli, Senior Vice President, Investments

Raymond James

"Andrea conducted training sessions for some of my key clients and did an excellent job. Her professional and jovial attitude puts clients at ease when they are attempting things out of their comfort zone. She always received rave reviews.”

Keith Truex, VP

DWS Investments

“I have been in attendance for several of Andrea’s training sessions and I also hired her to conduct a workshop for ~70 people. She focuses on getting people to understand their communication strengths and how to leverage them to be more effective. She also helps you understand / identify the communication styles and preferences of others so you are a more effective communicator in all facets of your life. I would not hesitate to hire Andrea again and I look forward to hearing her speak again later this year.”

Josh Bohlander, Senior Manager

Technology Product Management at Raymond James Financial

“Andrea was a valuable asset to me at DWS. The training and coaching she provided to our clients was very well received and as a result she was in very high demand. I would recommend her highly to anyone with training and coaching needs.”

Tom Winnick, Managing Director

DWS Investments

Andrea is an extremely talented trainer and presenter. She is hard working, capable and reliable. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her.

Maura C. Ryan

Platform and Advisor Sales

“Andrea has been a real asset to my team in coaching me through business development of my wealth management company. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and a wonderful resource.”

Amy V. Smith

Raymond James Financial Services

If I want to grow my business, I have to add value to my advisors so they can take their business to the next level. Andrea is always enthusiastic, a great presenter and lots of fun. Most important, she provided great business-building information.

Steve Larson, Divisional Sales Manager

DWS Investments Distributors Inc.

I have known Andrea for 20+ years & worked with her on many projects for just as long. Andrea brings to the table an incredible skill set driven by an in depth knowledge and awareness of all Communication issues relevant to the individual, group, corporation and inter-agency operations. Her career has developed over time into a fine tuned machine of discipline, cognitive thought and implementation: making her the ideal candidate where results matter as well as the individual process of achieving them.

Dr. Heidi Maston

Co – Founder at CarpeLearning

Andrea is one of the most capable motivators and trainers I have worked with in our industry. She is knowledgeable, captivating and inspiring to all those who have worked with her and have heard her. She posses an immense amount of resources that have included programs from time management, sales training, etc. Andrea is an amazing coach no matter what level you may need.

Ada Baker, Senior Regional VP

DWS Investments

Andrea brought real-world examples to the group for working with the different personality types of both clients and financial advisors. Her teaching didn’t stop with just the presentation; she also followed through with one-on-one and team coaching afterward.

Missy Escribano, Director of Education and Partner Relations

Raymond James Financial Services

I worked with Andrea for two years while at Deutsche Asset Management/DWS Investments and found the experience to not only be enriching and valuable to me in my business but I also felt fortunate to have Andrea as a friend. Andrea has a contagious passion for coaching individuals and teams to go from good to great. Her results can be calculated and measured in increased sales, more engaged client relationships and living lives to the utmost. I cannot think of any better recommendation than to say I would love to work with her again!

Mark Robeson, Senior Vice President

Deutsche Asset Management Investments Committee, NY

I have had the pleasure of working with Andrea for almost three years. She was terrific in one on one meetings with the advisors in my territory. Her ability to apply Myers-Briggs principles to specific teams seeking her advice, in turn helped teams improve dynamics, communication and most importantly, revenue streams. Andrea also helped me with my territory management. Specifically with my zone rotation, identify my top 25 branches and top 250 advisors in my territory.

Mitchell Izumi, Regional Vice President

Deutsche Asset Management

I’ve watched her present to both clients and our fellow employees. Andrea’s greatest strength is that she takes the time to understand the issues and the challenges of the people she’s addressing before she gives her presentation. She does her homework first, and then comes in with solutions in mind to drive an organization’s business.

Dr. Bob Froehlich, Retired Chairman

Deutsche Asset Management Investments Committee, NY

Andrea is the most effective communicator that I have encountered and is a results oriented person. She had the ability to captivate an entire audience with her boundless energy. I highly recommend her.

Julie Schuder, Branch Operations

Raymond James & Associates

Andrea was an extremely important component in my overall plan to better my sales team through skill development of sales presentations, organizational habits, territory management and employee self-evaluation. She is an extraordinarily talented communications and sales training consultant.

Mark Perrelli, Director, National Sales Manager, Broker Dealer Division

DWS Investments Distributors, Inc.

Andrea is the consummate professional – the ability to connect with people and the knack for bringing something new. Andrea’s sessions are always an easy sell. Building great relationships with each participant, which ensured that we book her year after year.

Mary Pat McDonald, CIMA Head of National Accounts

DWS Investments

Andrea is a skilled professional trainer with superb facilitation skills. I requested Andrea be our primary trainer after observing her abilities and how she connected with the employees. She also provided valuable coaching services to managers who were struggling with coaching their employee’s sales abilities.

Rob Steele, Director of Learning & Development

Citizens Financial Group

Andrea is so effective, even with jaded salespeople, because she has an uncanny ability to connect with her audience. As a colleague of hers at Deutsche Bank, I met with and recommended her services to independent investment advisers. Within minutes of starting our first workshop together, I realized how great she was as a trainer. Andrea had the group laughing and interacting with her, and she provided real-world take-always they could immediately implement. Her skill of impacting and fulfilling the needs of her audience was the perfect complement to what my peers and colleagues were trying to accomplish.

Doug Wallace

Investment Management Consultant



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