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Dr. Maston is full-time Core Faculty in the School of Organizational Leadership at the University of the Rockies and was recently honored to be awarded Faculty Lecturer of the Year: 2014. She is a Contributing Faculty member and Doctoral Dissertation Mentor in the PhD Richard W. Riley College of Education & Leadership.

Dr. Maston is Adjunct Faculty in the School of Professional and Graduate Studies at Baker University and an Instructor, SME, dissertation chair, mentoring faculty, curriculum developer, program developer, and virtual coach. She is a published author, researcher, keynote speaker, and an amateur rock hound.

Dr. Maston holds a Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Change from Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara California, a Master of Science: Master of Distance Education and 5 Graduate Certificates in various components of DE from University of Maryland University College, and a Bachelors of Art degree in Speech Communication from Northwest Nazarene University.

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September 24, 2015

What Do You Think I Should Do? Giving Advice: Active, Reflective, or Validating

Categories: Blog, Human Element, Leadership

What Do You Think I Should Do

  It happens daily. The friend, colleague, or family member who comes to you with that seemingly innocent question, “What do you think I should do?” From there they spiral out in all directions like the Octopus carnival ride from days gone by. They are ever spinning at breakneck speeds, dizzying heights, and around a […]

July 28, 2015

Enough About Passion: Let’s Talk About Purpose!

Categories: Blog, Health & Wellness, Human Element, Leadership, Team Development

professional development, team development, human capital, leadership

By Ironstone contributor, Dr. Heidi Maston Lately, every job post I read on LinkedIn, every college tip advice article I see, and every pop culture reference to the Millennials in the workplace seem to espouse the strength of finding passion. Passion, it appears, seems to be the hottest and coolest buzzword of 2015. Apparently all […]

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