The Adventure of an Ingenious Life


The authors of this book believe that the first step is an intention. What would you like to experience? How do you want to be remembered?

Every life is filled with opportunities to choose. Whether your current road is one of ease or lined with difficulty, it will soon fork. You’ll have the chance to opt again. Are your values being supported by your decisions? Are you flexible? Adaptable? Are you fueled by a passion?

Join authors Traci Long DeForge, Robert David Duncan, Rebecca Ewing, Jodi Hersh, Vanessa Lowry, Ricia L. Maxie, Andrea Schlapia, and Renee Seals, along with more than forty additional contributors. Each walked through a door—or several—to fashion the life they have chosen. Learn from their stories and give yourself permission to embrace your already creative self—or finally move into a life of your own invention.

Product Description

Learn how Ironstone founder and industry maven Andrea Schlapia turned two layoffs and a dream into her award-winning coaching and consulting firm. Flip to page 71 to follow her journey!