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Coaching is a synergetic partnership that encompasses exploration, learning, and growth for clients who are ready to achieve a higher level of success.

Ironstone’s strength lies in taking the big picture and breaking it down into manageable milestones to help you make necessary modifications for positive and significant change.  We facilitate the development of your skills through accountability in order to achieve goals you may otherwise struggle to accomplish on your own.  Our collaboration encourages breakthroughs in change, helps manage your evolution, and supports the implementation of desired outcomes.

“A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.”
– Tom Landry

The foundation of our Performance Coaching Program, is based on Ironstone’s Fundamental 4™, which is essential to the design, development, and drive of a successful business.   Our ultimate goal in the coaching relationship is to help you avoid trial and error and shift your mindset to launch your accelerated success.  Your decision to engage in coaching is the start of your process of intentional change.

Performance Coaching Program:
  • 12-month engagement focused on the Fundamental 4™
  • In-depth analysis to determine the scope of the project uniquely tailored to your business
  • Monthly coaching session(s)
  • Collaboration with the business owner, the team, and/or the individual
  • Unlimited support between sessions
  • On-site office visit for dedicated focus on your prioritized milestones
  • Team evaluation utilizing multiple assessment tools

*Each coaching engagement is customized to fit your needs

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Working with Andrea Schlapia has been a breath of fresh air! How many of you glaze over when you think of hiring new team members, addressing poor performance of an employee, creating an incentive plan, or developing a service matrix? I was the same but with coaching from Andrea, each new project ventured improves our firm and our team culture. I love expressing an idea to her (with no plan of how to carry it out) and then viola, accomplished! As a result of her coaching, my team is no longer overwhelmed, we have a new team member in place that I’m happy with, and everyone is clear on their responsibilities. I’m not as eager to retire, I feel fulfilled, and it’s clear our clients are happy with the quality of our service. Our firm now has high morale, much improved internal communications, and a non-stressful work environment. I now sometimes feel weekends are too long because I’m excited to go back to work, and I think a great deal of that is owed to Andrea and her team at Ironstone!

Lynn Phillips-Gaines, CFP®, CLTC

Phillips Financial



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